Are You a Paper or a Digital Business Card User?

"I have decided to streamline my networking process by transitioning from paper business cards to a more convenient and efficient digital alternative. I have found that paper business cards can be easily forgotten, and updating them requires continuous orders. By implementing a digital platform, I can ensure that my contact information is always easily accessible and up-to-date. 

Since last December, I have been using a digital card. and I must confess that I have tried several types.

I present to you Linq card, sincerely I could write a whole article on it but I advise you to go see for yourself on their site (this link gives you 10% discount). more info in comment.

The card has NFC technology so your business card is transferred just by placing it for a second on the phone of the person you want to give your details to, or with QR code.

The options with this card are so vast I still haven’t explored everything. You will also have an application and a link to your card.


Here is mine:
it’s the best way to network because most people (myself included) end up losing your business cards.

Our team has been using the Link card for the past year and it has been revolutionary. The also offer different products such tags to put on at th back of your phone so you never leave your business card behind. Please click on the following link to get your business card and benefit from 15% off today. 

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