Let’s discuss the #InvestmentopportunitiesintheDRC’s capital #Kinshasa.

It is I mportant to indicate some elements allowing to apprehend the interest and the necessity:

Kinshasa’s population growth has been meteoric over the past six decades, from 400,000 inhabitants in 1960 to 6,062,000 in 2000 and almost 12,505,000 inhabitants in 2017. The projections for 2030 and 2040 are assessed respectively to 20 million in the coming years.

For the same period, the infrastructures in general and those of transport in particular did not follow the same tendency, on the contrary, the infrastructures of transport deteriorated rather over time, causing in turn #environmental problems, economic, #social, etc.

The current state of mobility infrastructure in the city of Kinshasa is characterized by:
– aging and dilapidated urban roads;
– Low coverage of the city on roads (700 km² on 2,500 km² of agglomerated fabric);
– Insufficient crossing structures;
– Poor use of the otherwise highly degraded urban rail network;
– Almost no river operation for the mobility of Kinshasa.


The Opportunity

PDTK, Project for Urban Transport Master Plan in Kinshasa City
Establishes the basis for preparing the future framework of socio-economic urban development and transport for the city of Kinshasa. It also describes the plans identified for the public transport sector and the road development sector.

The Master Plan for the Development of the City of Kinshasa (#PDTK) determines the new framework or model of the city of Kinshasa by 2030 in the short term and 2040 in the medium term. It determines the exploitable spaces of the city within the framework of 117 new projects which are estimated at $32.810 Billion. 

Therefore the #PDTK determines:
– New #road networks
– New contexts of #railway and #rivertransport 
If you look on the legend you will notice that the project has land provision for #agriculture #industrialparks #commercialand #residentialdevelopments 

As the Coordinator of the Council for the Coordination and Promotion of this project, along with the Provincial Infrastuctures Minister and the #Governor of the city are eager to speak to #EPCF companies and #infrastructureinvestorswith an appetite for the development markets. Reach out to me to us with with #funding and/or #engineering solutions.

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