New Project Funding Opportunity

At ALIC, we are continuously seeking project funding opportunities to enhance our operations.


We are delighted to inform you that one of our esteemed partners has recently reached out to us with a new funding opportunity that targets the private sectors. We believe that this exciting opportunity will enable us to contribute significantly to the growth and development of our enterprise. As always, we remain committed to exploring innovative ways of improving our services and expanding our operations. We look forward to pursuing this opportunity and ultimately achieving our strategic objectives in collaboration with our partners. 

We have two funding caps:

  1. Small Cap – $ 10 million to $49million (25% Collateral of Funding amount)
  2. Large Cap – $ 50 million and above. (20% Collateral of Funding amount)

For both large and small caps, a generous grace period of 3 years is offered.

The first re-payment is only at the end of year 4.

Our term is 12 years

The interest rate currently is about 5.5% per annum – risk and project dependent.

The loan is in US$, Euro, or Local Currency.


Collateral in the form of a pledge is required once agreements have been signed.


Pledge in a dedicated brokerage account of the Entity Seeking Financing for 20%/25% of the amount being financed.

The Pledge involves opening a brokerage account and purchasing securities.


Client will pledge the securities to the bank / brokerage firm and against that the bank / brokerage firm will have ‘on first demand’ rights, allocating a margin value / credit facility.


Such margin value / credit facility is extended / assigned to the Funder that enables the Funder to control the collateral from not being removed.

The timeline is 40 calendar days from submission till final approval and signing of the agreement.


Once the agreement is signed and the pledge in place the first tranche is paid within 30 banking days.

There is no upfront fees charged – although you can still charge your fees –  the only required aspect is a bank statement showing Proof of Funds for the 20% or 25%.


This is to ensure that the client can proceed with putting the funds in brokerage once the agreements have been signed.

We would love to help you learn more about this amazing funding opportunity! Don’t hesitate to shoot us a message whenever you’re ready! We’re here to assist you in any way we can!

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