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Collaboration and unity are powerful tools that have been used since time immemorial to achieve great things. The saying "Alone you go fast; together you go far" highlights the need for people to synergize their efforts in order to achieve their intended goals. In line with this, RH- Consulting has put forward a brilliant concept aimed at fostering partnership and collaboration between facilitators and consultants across the African continent. This platform will not only bring together people with diverse skills and expertise, but it will also enable them to work together closely on funding projects across Africa. 

Rebecca Nadine Holding

CEO & Investment Consultant

Unleash the Power of Collaboration

By becoming a member, you join a network of individuals dedicated to funding projects across Africa.

Collaborating with other facilitators can bring about numerous benefits to our professional growth. The more we work together to share ideas, expertise, and resources, the more successful we can become as a team. By fostering strong partnerships and building networks, we can expand our reach and impact, while also learning from each other’s experiences.

On the platform you will be able to:

✅ Connect with other consultants and facilitators

✅ Publish your opportunity or request on our website for investors to see

✅ Keep track of your activity

✅ ALIC will help you with model contracts 

✅ Leverage our opportunities and connexions 

✅ Share rewards with others. 


What We Do


Meet like minded Consultants and Facilitators from across the globe all with a common goal, to help Africa grow .


We assist Consultanta and facilitators promote their projects on the world market and giving them more visibility.


The aim of the collective is to see projects through to execution by pulling resources from other facilitators.


Success is often achieved through collaboration and teamwork, where the collective effort of all involved plays a critical role

Turning Connections Into Opportunities

It is a well-known fact that everyone has contacts, whether it be entrepreneurs seeking funding, government officials in search of investors, or funding sources looking for promising projects to support.

By leveraging these contacts through collaboration, RH-Consulting believes that project funding across Africa can be achieved more efficiently and effectively. Therefore, this platform presents an amazing opportunity to connect, network, and find solutions together as a collective force.


We build ideas driven by the future.

Company Case Study

As a collaborator, you will have the opportunity to display your projects on our portfolio page which attracts many investors. 

Users Feedbacks

“ We are very impressed with the expertise that ALIC offers. We have retained their services to facilitate business development in order to grow our firm. ”

Turin K. Dimoson
Business Development

“ I have been collaborating with ALIC for over 2 years and It has been great to be supported and have access to a network of investors and lenders”

Lisa Anadin

“ The first time I worked with ALIC on a project, I knew from the start that we would be successful, and we were. The team is knowledgeable and reliable”

Niya D. Dimoson
Managing Director

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Investment facilitators play a crucial role in supporting investments to flow smoothly and efficiently. However, no one facilitator can address all the challenges that arise when navigating investment deals, especially in complex projects that require multiple layers of financing, technical expertise, and partnerships.

By pooling their skills, knowledge, and resources, they can overcome obstacles that would otherwise hinder investment deals from moving forward. Additionally, collaboration among facilitators helps in the sharing of best practices and lessons learned, which can lead to increased efficiency, effectiveness, and impact. Furthermore, working together can help investment facilitators to access a wider range of opportunities, create new partnerships, and even amplify the resources they have at their disposal. Ultimately, the success of investment facilitators hinges on their ability to collaborate and leverage each other's strengths.

In order to sustain and improve our service, we kindly request your participation in our membership program. This will contribute to our growth and allow us to offer a better quality of service to our clients. Our consultants negotiate success fees based on each individual case. We appreciate your support and look forward to providing you with exceptional service.

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